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Greenback Capital Limited

About Us

Greenback Capital Limited was incorporated as a Private Company under the Companies Law, DIFC Law No. 5 of 2018, on 28 October 2020

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Award winning, Globally Qualified Financial Advisers set up as a CAT 3C firm in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). We seek to provide high quality advice through unbiased, transparent and client centric approach.

Our Story


Our Story

The business model for Greenback Capital Limited was conceptualized by the founding team based on their analysis of market need for unbiased, transparent and client centric approach to providing financial advice for high net-worth clients.

The idea germinated from the need of clear value addition to the overall financial goals and customized solutions to a wide ranging client-base.

This prompted the management of Greenback Capital Limited to set up the company, to provide high quality advice from one of the most prestigious and accredited platforms in the world, DIFC.


Why Us?

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Among 10 Most Promising Middle East Financial Consultants 2021

Why Us?

The company specializes in the provision of managing multi-million-dollar regulated funds, mergers and acquisition advice, fund raising and investment advisory services to institutional clients and High Networth individuals.

The team consists of former bankers and experienced fund managers, and wealth management professionals with vast experience in advising both buy and sell-side firms in mergers and acquisition transactions in a diverse set of sectors and markets. The company specializes in all-encompassing transaction management covering from inception all the way to execution.


Greenback Capital Limited provides high-quality advice through an unbiased, transparent, and client-centric approach. Regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority ("DFSA"), it partners with top tier international and regulated financial institutions globally, including Europe and Singapore, to meet the Investment requirements of its diverse Professional Clients. The Company understands that each of its clients has different objectives and goals and will work on Open Architecture Approach and offer solutions to its clients through customized and tailored recommendations in line with clients' investment objectives and risk appetite. The company's mission is to keep the client interest at the top of the agenda and maximize the benefits to its clients by providing high quality research and advice based on clients investment objectives and risk appetite.

Financial Services

Greenback Capital Limited is authorised by the DFSA to carry on the Financial Services specified below:

Advising on Financial Products

Advising on Financial Products

We provide tailor-made financial products advice to our clients based on the following parameters:

  • Investment time horizon
  • Short term and Long-term investments
  • Income or Growth or Reinvestment Requirements
  • Risk versus Return and client's comfort with potential volatility
  • Liquidity and Cash Requirements
  • Planning for Key events in life like Education for kids, Retirement etc.
  • Base Currency in which the client wants the reporting to be accounted for
  • Clients understanding and comfort of potentially enhancing the returns using leverage etc.

Arranging Credit and Advising on Credit

Arranging Credit and Advising on Credit

Depending on client's investment objective and based on the client request the firm can arrange credit facility or advice on a credit transaction. Regulated financial institutions providing credit will be contacted to arrange the transaction or advice on credit as agreed with the client.

Debt Restructuring

  • Provide analysis on capital structure, debt sizing and funding alternatives
  • Assist with liquidity and working capital management

Capital Structuring & Raise

  • Develop optimal capital structure in line with client objectives
  • Develop funding strategies and assess sources of financing and benchmarking
  • Negotiation and Closure with the Investor

Debt and Covenant Negotiation

  • Secure optimal pricing, terms and conditions
  • Maintain control of the negotiation/financing process

Arranging Financing

  • Arranging Financing for new and existing Companies post onboarding

Trade Finance Services

  • Assist and help in discounting of invoices to reduce trade cycles
  • Availazation services post import and pre-export of product to traders


  • Ensure optimal capital structure and funding outcomes
  • Explore the world of potential investors and appetite
  • Arrange for settlement and refinancing of old debts from banks and other institutions

Infrastructure Finance

  • Assist with arranging funding for large government and private projects including cross border transaction
  • Provide advice in all aspects of project development

Acquisition Finance

  • Develop and execute domestic and cross border funding strategies
  • Assist in addition of fresh debt post acquisition to maximize investor returns on equity

Arranging Custody

Arranging Custody

We Assist in:

  • Negotiating and settling terms of the contract between the custody provider and the Client.
  • Assisting the Client to complete application forms and other processes.
  • Transmitting information (including instructions from the Client and confirmations by the custody provider) between the customer and the custody provider.

Arranging Deals in Investments

Arranging Deals in Investments

We Assist in advising Mergers and Acquistion deals along with assisting in Capital Raise for Companies.

Managing Assets

Managing Assets

Greenback Capital Limited will manage assets by assuming discretionary mandate by the client to take investment decisions on their behalf. Greenback Capital Limited will take these decisions in accordance with the mandate and the investment strategy that has been agreed on with the client.

Managing a Collective Investment Fund.

Managing a Collective Investment Fund.

Greenback Capital Limited assists in managing the property held for or within a Fund under the Fund's Constitution; and establishing, managing or otherwise operating a Fund.

Senior Management


Amardeep Sharma

Chairman and Board Member

Ramen Ray Mandal

SEO and Board Member

Habeeb Ahmed

Head of Wealth Management and Board Member

Awards & Achievements

We are proud to have been recognised by some of the industry's leading publications for our work.